Residential Lawncare

Manicured-Spring-Yard-000016835332_SmallWhen it comes to keeping your lawn in premium condition, nobody cares for your lawn like Palumbo’s. We take every precaution with your yard to ensure it looks its best week-in and week-out. We have several levels of care: basic, deluxe and premium. Within these we have special add-on bonuses you can choose from. Each is heavily discounted when you purchase our premium lawncare service.

Add-ons include, flower and garden care, Fertilization and Weed Control, Winterizing, and Sprinkler Service.

Basic Lawncare

This weekly service is as basic as it comes. Request a technician to come mow your lawn every week. This service includes mowing (one direction), edging, removing clippings, sweeping and cleaning walkways.

Deluxe Yardcare

Only available with our Basic Lawncare service, our Deluxe Yardcare package includes Shrub Trimming and Bed Maintenance during their weekly visits.

Premium Maintenance

A stand-alone service this package is all encompassing. In addition to mowing, trimming, and weeding, we fertilize and treat the lawn to allow your lawn to reach its maximum health.