Palumbo’s Landscape has been providing both landscape and irrigation service and installation for over 15 years. This local, family owned company has a management staff with a combined experience in the landscape and irrigation management field of 120 years. They’ve seen drought, flood, severe heat and cold and everything in between. So you know whom to trust when it comes to getting a hands-on approach for a healthier landscape and greener grass.

Steve Alwin, Palumbo’s principal owner, started this company in 2001 his wife Tina Palumbo-Alwin.  Hence, came the name Palumbo’s Landscape, honoring Tina’s Family name. This is where Palumbo’s mission is derived and lived.

Mission Statement

Family first. While we recognize the need for work, we recognize that our families are our future and that “no success outside the home can compensate for failure in the home.”

Our customers are our priority. We will strive to hold ourselves to the highest standard of ethical behavior and work performance; delivering a quality residential and commercial landscape maintenance services at a reasonable price. At Palumbo’s, we offer multiple solutions recommending the best solution to meet our customer’s landscape needs, giving the customer the ultimate last word in how their landscape is cared for.

Trained and Certified

Everyone on our team is in-house, trained and certified when applicable, before we allow them to work in your property. Our Irrigators and Technicians are licensed by the State; our Chemical Applicators are licensed by the Dept. of Agriculture.  We also have Certified Back-Flow inspectors on staff and Water Auditors.

We want our technicians and specialists to know the latest trends in lawncare and encourage continued education and seminars to keep them informed. Why? We not only feel this makes them better assets to the company, but primarily it’s so our customers will feel at ease, knowing their yards are in the right hands.

Safety First

We understand that there is a certain level of blind trust that customers extend to their residential and commercial landscape maintenance contractor, especially when it’s a new relationship. We want to help put your mind at ease by knowing that our technicians and specialists are good citizens of the community: held in high regard, aside from having a clean record and background.

We require every employee and contractor to go through a rigorous background check before they are allowed to wear the Palumbo name.

We provide safety training in order to insure that the safe operation of our vehicles and equipment.  Everyone knows that wit the best safety program, comes liability and risk.  For those occasions that anything happens beyond our control, we are insured to protect you.

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