Landscape Services by Palumbo's Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Development

Enriching the look of your home doesn’t always have to be elaborate scheming. Palumbo’s works any landscape project from simple to extravagant. Ask how.

A contractor grade front yard with the token rag tree in the front yard just doesn’t cut it as real landscape development. Make your property stand out and give it that curb appeal that will make your neighbors jealous and your spouse proud.

A Custom Hands-On Approach

Palumbo’s takes a custom hands-on approach to improving your property beyond the sterile, cookie cutter, contractor look that was slapped in place as they were moving on to the next project.

We enjoy sitting down with you to discuss themes, aspects, particular plants,  stonework, and trees that you love and will work best for your region.  With our background in Landscape Service and our staff Horticulturist,  we will produce a beautiful landscape that does not require a lot of your time with plant varieties that have a proven track record. Once our meeting of the minds is over our Palumbo’s Specialist will develop a design then bring it back for approval before the digging begins. This customized hands-on approach is a big money saver for our coveted customers.

Flower Planting

Whether you love the Texas natives, a Texas Tropical look or whether it’s the go to defaults, Palumbo’s can provide and maintain a colorful dynamic arrangement you’ll love.

Coupled with our Premium Maintenance package, our special hands-on approach to a healthier landscape allows us  to provide you many options.  You might want to plant perennials that will come back every year and bloom periodically, or replant periodically with annual flowers to really make your landscape pop.

Shrubbery and Bushes Planting

Allow us to help you choose the most hearty shrubbery and bushes that will bring out your particular character style. Using our Deluxe Yardcare Package will allow us to better provide the proper care when added to your lawn mowing service.

Tree Planting

Do you like shade, ornamental or flowering trees? In either case, we guarantee (1 year) the sustained growth and health of the trees we plant. This guarantee continues beyond the 1st year and is guaranteed for as long as you are using our Premium Maintenance for your landscape development care.

Residential Landscape Maintenance