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Residential Outdoor Lighting by Palumbo's Landscape Maintenace

Outdoor Lighting

Create dramatic residential outdoor lighting effects that will enhance the grandeur of your home and property, plus add a new level of security and comfort.


Yardcare Tips

Looking for that thing to make your neighbor go, “WHOA! How’d you do (get rid of) that?!” Click to read through our yardcare and maintenance tips.

Landscape Services by Palumbo's Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Services

Enriching the look of your home doesn’t always have to be elaborate scheming. Palumbo’s works any landscape project from simple to extravagant.


Quality Customer Service You Can Count On!

When your Dad raises you to put your integrity first, it says
something. This is how we hire our associates, so our customers
know they are getting help they can depend on.

tips and Testimonials

Maintenance tips

Get More From Your Landscape Professional

Landscape maintenance is different here in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex as compared to anywhere else in the state. Our weather patterns are different, and our grass grows uniquely. Subscribe to get maintenance tips on drainage, winterizing your property, alerts and more.


Referrals and Testimonials

Learn Who are Hiring and Why

When it comes to doing work on the most visible portion of the property, it’s important to have a landscaper with a good reputation that you can count on. Read what our customers have to say and take us for a test drive.


Preferred Vendors

Preferred Vendors

Palumbo’s Landscaping has been in business for over 20 years. During this time we’ve encountered all sorts of arbolists, concrete contractors, electricians, painters, HVAC, plumbers, cleaners, and especially Real Estate agents, estimators, inspectors, title companies and so on. Some of them good, some not so good. Below we’ve provided a list of preferred vendors. All of whom we are proud to be associated, and recommend, because we believe they’d treat you how how you deserve to be treated—with respect and courtesy.


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