Drainage Improvement and Design


All Texas homes have an inherit problem when it comes to rain and run-off water—it collects and stands still between homes and in the backyard. While for some this may be considered more of an irritant when you go to take out your trash and have to walk through puddles, but it can also be a health hazard. Mosquitos and disease can grow in the stagnant water around your home. Mosquitos are known to carry any number of sicknesses from person to person.

Palumbo’s combats standing water issues with specialized Drainage Improvement and Design techniques only they have perfected. We turn standing water and marshy yards in to healthy thriving green lawns that you can allow your kids to play and walk on without worry.

French Drains

French drains are the most common remedy for the inherited drainage problem caused by poor contractor grading and landscaping. We come in and dig, prep, fill and level the playing field so water drains underground as it should, rather than getting stopped by the levels of clay soil and high water table.

This relatively simple process can be accomplished within a day for most yards and areas.

Drilled Piping

Another common method for clearing the water, special piping is laid underground that catches the heavy water flow and directs it away from the troubled area. This method is mostly used around pool and where roof lines converge.

This relatively simple process can be accomplished within a day for most yards and areas.


We fix contractor grading. We improve the way the landscape ebbs and flows to ensure proper drainage happens, minimizing or eliminating standing water and marshy grass.

A fair number of landscaping flaws and problems stem from poor contractor grading and landscaping. While this is true, it’s not purposeful. Contractor’s main concern is building a quality home. They leave the quality landscaping to the new homeowners and their landscape contractor.

While regrading is a little messier, the effects are well worth the temporary destruction. Like remodeling a home, remodeling the landscaping is sometimes the best way to improve drainage issues. And the results when finished are awe-inspiring.

If you’d like to prevent disease and lower the mosquito rate at your home call Palumbo’s today and get a hands-on approach to a healthier lawn with a Free Estimate.